A Head for the Future


A Head for the Future is an initiative designed to promote traumatic brain injury (TBI) awareness, education and prevention. This website is a portal for service members, line leaders, veterans, medical providers and family members to access the latest information on TBI diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Many people don’t think about brain injuries until they have occurred. The first step in the recovery process is to recognize the signs and symptoms of a possible head injury, report them to a medical provider and then follow the treatment program. This initiative will also focus on taking proper safety precautions for high-risk activities, including sports, conducting military training or operating motor vehicles.

Browse Educational Materials

DVBIC has produced a variety of materials that can help service members and veterans navigate life after a traumatic brain injury. Resources cover topics such as symptom management and returning to school. Medical providers also can access online courses, webinars and clinical recommendations.

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