Brain Injury Awareness Month – March 2016

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month Banner

Think Ahead – Be safe. Know the Signs. Get help.

The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC) recognizes Brain Injury Awareness Month every March. The theme this year is: Think Ahead: Be safe. Know the signs. Get help. During March, DVBIC and its A Head for the Future initiative will focus efforts on raising awareness of information and key resources to help service members, veterans, military families and others prevent, recognize and recover from traumatic brain injury (TBI). We’ve created this page to be your one-stop shop for Brain Injury Awareness Month resources, social media messages, graphics, and more.

Think Ahead About TBI

Be safe: DVBIC encourages you to Think Ahead and learn the common causes of TBI, so you can take action to prevent TBIs while engaged in daily activities or participating in sports. One way is through the use of protective equipment (i.e., helmets, seatbelts, etc.). Falls are also among the leading causes of brain injuries, so simply being aware of your surroundings can be a simple way to prevent injuries.

Know the signs: Mild TBI, also known as concussion, often goes undiagnosed initially because the symptoms can be subtle and varied. DVBIC reminds you to Think Ahead by learning about TBI — what it is and the common signs and symptoms that might indicate that you or a loved one has sustained a traumatic brain injury.

Get help: If you think you, your spouse or child has a TBI, get medical help as quickly as possible to both facilitate recovery and improve outcomes. DVBIC urges you to Think Ahead to promote better recovery by seeking treatment early.

Help Us Spread The Word

During Brain Injury Awareness Month, take part and encourage your friends and community to do the same through social media. Together, we can spread the message: Think Ahead: Be safe. Know the signs. Get help. If you’re interested in joining us, check out some of the following ways you can get involved:

  1. Join the #ThinkAhead Hashtag Campaign! Download the below hashtag card and follow the instructions to help spread the word. Write a brief message on the card about your support for TBI awareness or your experience with TBI.
  2. Follow @DVBIC – Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center and @A Head for the Future on Facebook for updates and use these hashtags when talking about Brain Injury Awareness Month: #ThinkAhead #BIAmonth.
  3. Follow @A Head for the Future on Twitter and use these hashtags: #ThinkAhead #BIAmonth.
  4. Use our Social Media Toolkit for social media messages and graphics to help you communicate about Brain Injury Awareness Month.
#ThinkAhead Hashtag Card Example: I support our TBI Champions #ThinkAhead Hashtag Card Example:  Family support is key to TBI rehab #ThinkAhead Hashtag Card Example:  I teach people how to cope with TBI symptoms

Upcoming Learning Opportunities

Top 10 TBI Resources

Since 2000, more than 339,000 service members have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury. DVBIC offers resources on TBI for military members, their families and caregivers, and health professionals. We’ve compiled a list of our resources that provide general information about TBI as well as tips on preventing TBI, recognizing TBI and helping you recover after sustaining a TBI. Use them to educate yourself or others about this important issue.

  1. DVBIC Fact Sheet
  2. Concussion Signs and Symptoms
  3. Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness
  4. Mild TBI Symptom Management: Ways to Improve Your Memory
  5. Mild TBI Symptom Management: Healthy Sleep
  6. Concussion/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
  7. Ride Right (PDF)
  8. Respect the Road (PDF)
  9. Cruise with Control (PDF)
  10. Heads Up (PDF)

TBI Awareness Resources For Your Event

In many cases, TBI can be prevented by taking simple precautions and encouraging others to do the same. Below are free resources you can use to help promote awareness about brain injury and share some important facts in your community. Order or download these posters to distribute at training or educational events, or to display at your facility, as well as share on social media.