Advances in neuropsychological assessment of sport-related concussion

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Concussion Literature

Summary: Brief cognitive evaluations tools, such as computerized neuropsychological tests, are not substitures for formal neuropsychological assessment following a concussion. At present, there is insufficient evidence to recommend the widespread routine use of baseline neuropsychological testing. Although scant, research suggests that psychological factors may complicate and prolong recovery from concussion in some athletes. Age-appriopriate symptom scales for children have been developed but research into age-appropriate tests of cognitive functions lags behind. Neuropsychologist are uniquely qualified to interpret neuropsychological tests.

Citation:  Echemendia, RJ, Iverson, GL, McCrea, M, Macciocchi, SN, Gioia, GA, Putukian, M and Comper, P.2013. Advances in neuropsychological assessment of sport-related concussion. Br J Sports Med (47(5):294-8.
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