The Military Acute Concussion Evaluation (MACE)

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Traumatic brain injury (TBI), in both times of peace and times of war is a significant public health issue for the military.  Even at its most mild, TBI (concussion) can degrade fighting effectiveness, put individuals at increased risk for another injury, and in some cases cause persistent difficulties in cognitiion, and aspects of physical and emotional functioning.  Key to the appropriate treatment of those with TBI is the identification of those that have suffered TBI.  This article describes one such tool for the identification of TBI in a military settnigs, the Military Acute Concussion Evaluation (MACE) including history, administratin, and interpretation.

Citation:  French L, McCrea M and Baggett MR. 2008. The Military Acute Concussion Evaluation. J of 8(1):68-77.
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