DOD & VA Health Insurers

TRICARE is the United States military’s healthcare plan for military personnel, military retirees, and their beneficiaries.

Humana Military Healthcare Services, Inc
Offers TRICARE to a population of 2.8 million military beneficiaries in the Southern region of the U. S. and Puerto Rico.

Veterans Health Administration
Its mission is "to serve the needs of America’s veterans by providing primary care, specialized care, and related medical and social support services."

Other Insurance Providers for Military Families

  • Armed Forces Insurance (AFI): For more than 120 years AFI has been providing property insurance for military professionals throughout the U.S. and overseas. AFI is solely dedicated to the service of our members and their families.
  • USAA (United Services Automobile Association): The mission of the association is to facilitate the financial security of its members, associates, and their families through provision of a full range of highly competitive financial products and services; in so doing, USAA seeks to be the provider of choice for the military community. USAA membership is a privilege earned by those in uniform — and it's a privilege that can be handed down to their children.