Share Your Story About Brain Injury

People can relate to their peers, colleagues and friends — and there’s no better advocate for safety and treatment than someone who experienced a brain injury and got help. That’s why A Head for the Future is recruiting service members, veterans and military families who have experience with noncombat traumatic brain injury (TBI) to become TBI champions.

We will feature TBI champions in videos to share their personal stories of TBI recovery and hope. The videos will show real people who recognized that they had a brain injury and acted quickly to seek support and get treatment.

Are you a TBI champion, or do you know one? By participating in a video for A Head for the Future, you will help raise awareness for TBI prevention and detection and encourage others who may have sustained an injury to get checked out.



Government agencies, nonprofit organizations and associations can become partners and collaborators to help us educate the military community. If you are interested in spreading the word about TBI awareness and prevention, please email us.