Family Caregiver Curriculum

Caregiver's Companion

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This material is intended for caregivers of those with a moderate, severe or penetrating TBI.

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The Caregiver’s Companion is a separately bound publication that the caregiver can carry in the backpack that comes with the Guide. It contains information that may be needed on a daily basis in the hospital or rehabilitation center.

The Companion contains:

  • A glossary of medical and TBI terms
  • U.S. military ranks
  • List of military terms
  • Blank diagrams of the brain
  • Blank forms to use for writing down key information
  • Plastic sleeves to keep business cards
  • Plastic sleeves to keep discs of medical scans and tests

To see additional interactive educational tools, please visit the Center for Excellence in Medical Multimedia, our multimedia partner for the Family Caregiver Guide. The CEMM, which created, is a dynamic initiative from the Office of the Surgeon General, supplying award-winning interactive multimedia for patient education throughout the Military Health System.

Caregiver Tools and Tips

The Caregiver’s Companion is a great tool to use to stay organized. Keep track of everything by filling out the medication log, contact information sheet, caregiver support worksheet and home care team volunteer form. You can download additional forms here. Consider adding additional paper to have a handy place to take notes or write down questions to ask the health care provider.

Share the diagrams of the brain with your health care provider to start a conversation about what areas of the brain were affected by the TBI. Then, follow the link to this interactive model of the brain to explore its functions. Interactive Brain

Remember as a caregiver, you are not alone. In addition to Shannon’s story (shown at left), the Guide features many other caregiver journeys.

It is important to document your journey as a caregiver. Use the journal templates to record your experiences. You can come back to these later to reflect on how far both you and your injured service member or veteran have come. also offers a plethora of information for family, friends and caregivers of someone with a TBI.