Fort Belvoir, VA

Contact Information
Fort Belvoir Community Hospital Intrepid Spirit Center/TBI Clinic
Intrepid Pavilion, Main Reception
5980 9th Street
Building 1259
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060
United States
Intrepid Spirit Center/TBI Clinic

Catchment Area

Fort Belvoir, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio

Program Overview

The DVBIC team at the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital Intrepid Spirit Center/TBI Clinic extends the overall center’s mission of providing education and conducting research programs concerning TBI to our region’s active, Reserve, Guard and community populations. This is accomplished through close command and community contact. 

Outreach and Education

The education mission of DVBIC is to provide a comprehensive program of education and training on awareness, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of TBI to health care providers, veterans, service members, families and civilian communities. A DVBIC regional education coordinator, or REC, is available to collaborate on a variety of educational initiatives, workshops and exhibits to promote TBI educational awareness in the VA, DoD and community. Visit our REC page for more information about the program.

Research Program

Current research areas of expertise at Fort Belvoir include:

  • Integrative Rehabilitation (combination of standard and complementary therapies)
  • Non-pharmacological Interventions (behavioral health, nutrition, mindfulness based stress reduction)
  • Complementary Medicine (yoga, meditation, acupuncture)
  • Creative Art Therapies (art therapy, music therapy)
  • Technology (computer-based cognitive rehabilitation, virtual reality, Alpha-stim, transcranial magnetic stimulation)
  • Wellness, Resilience, and Health
  • Moral Injury
  • Cost Effectiveness of Rehabilitation Services
  • Predictors of Readiness

Learn more about DVBIC Research by visiting the research section of the website.