Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA

Contact Information
Madigan Army Medical Center, Intrepid Spirit Center
90390 Gardner Loop
Tacoma, WA 98341
United States
253-968 MIST (6478)

Catchment Area

Madigan Army Medical Center and Pacific Regions not served by DVBIC Centers such as Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Japan, the Philippines and Korea

Program Overview

The Madigan Traumatic Brain Injury Program and Intrepid Spirit Program are both housed within the Intrepid Spirit Center situated across from Madigan Army Medical Center.  The center, built through the generous support of the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, opened its doors in December 2017. 


Our mission at the Madigan Traumatic Brain Injury Program is to provide comprehensive health care, education and research across the continuum of care, ranging from the impact of trauma exposure to the effects of all grades/types of brain injury, while striving to address the impact of co-occurring conditions.  We serve our service members, beneficiaries over the age of 18, and retirees throughout Regional Health Command Pacific.

Our Intrepid Spirit Program mission is to provide the best possible holistic interdisciplinary care and resources supporting readiness, resilience and recovery for service members throughout the Pacific region with complex conditions following trauma such as history of concussion, post-traumatic stress, chronic pain, and other associated co-morbidities which have not resolved despite receiving treatment through existing collaborative models of care.

Traumatic Brain Injury Program

The Madigan Traumatic Brain Injury Program is comprised of an interdisciplinary team who work to prevent, identify and mitigate the effects of head and brain trauma and associated co-morbidities.  We promote the MEDCOM Performance Triad of sleep, activity and nutrition to optimize brain health and align with the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center guidelines of clinical care.

Intrepid Spirit Program

The Madigan Intrepid Spirit Program serves as a natural extension of the current holistic TBI, Behavioral Health and Intensive Pain Management Center programs offered at Madigan Army Medical Center, on target to provide the National Intrepid Center of Excellence model of team based interdisciplinary care.  We provide comprehensive specialty evaluations under one roof, integrating traditional and complementary approaches to care.  Our Madigan Intrepid Spirit Transitions intensive outpatient program involves full days of holistic state-of-the-art treatment and educational programs with opportunities supporting readiness, life skills techniques and a variety of tools and resources for continued healing and growth beyond this six-week program.

Intrepid Spirit/TBI Clinical Team

Primary Care, Neurology, Psychology, Neuropsychology, PM&R, Optometry, Psychiatric NP, PT, OT, Creative Arts Therapist, LPN, Nurse Case Managers, Nurse Educators, Ombudsman

(Speech therapy and Integrative modalities including acupuncture, chiropractic care pending)