Landstuhl RMC, Germany

Contact Information
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Unit 33100
ATTN: Traumatic Brain Injury Program
09180-3100 APO, AE
DSN: 314-590-5171 or Comm: 06371-9464-5171

Catchment Area

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

Program Overview

The mission of the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) & Rehabilitation Clinic at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center is to increase cultural awareness and understanding of traumatic brain injury. The TBI clinic evaluates all military personnel, civilians (DoD and contractors) and coalition military partners returning from Theater of Operations before returning to duty as well as evaluates and cares for service members, veterans, family members and other beneficiaries experiencing TBIs.

Clinical Care Concepts

Motto: Selfless ServiceA patient’s physical, psychological, occupational and social well-being is our highest priority. Traditional medical therapies such as medication management, occupational therapy, physical therapy and psychotherapy are complemented with acupuncture, restorative yoga and educational consultation to offer patients experiencing TBI a holistic approach toward recovery.

Case managers coordinate ongoing health care needs and assist in referrals. Our dedicated medical providers, administrative and support team work cooperatively to maintain an encouraging, healing environment with the ultimate goal of returning service members to duty and individuals to maximum personal and professional function.

Education and Outreach

The TBI clinic provides service members, veterans, family members and community members with the latest educational information regarding traumatic brain injury.


Current Research projects can be viewed at Current DVBIC Studies, Landstuhl RMC.