Management of Headache Following Concussion/Mild TBI: Guidance for Primary Care Management in Deployed and Non-Deployed Settings Clinical and Virtual Suite

Learn about post-traumatic headache (PTH) statistics, common symptoms and helpful resources like this suite that can help clinical providers assess and manage the care of patients with TBI.

The Management of Headache Following Concussion/Mild TBI product suite consists of a clinical recommendation, clinical support tool, training guide, fact sheet, and an electronic clinical support tool and interactive provider training course making up the virtual suite. As headache is the most common symptom reported following a concussion, also known as a mild TBI, this product suite is intended to guide health care providers in the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of PTH.

This suite supports Defense Department TBI policy and represents the latest state-of-the-science as it relates to PTH. Products were created following a review of published literature; compilation of expert contributions from the field; and through work with clinical subject matter experts representing the academic, research, military and civilian sectors.

Suite Details

Clinical RecommendationA narrative document that outlines the assessment and management of headache following mild TBI and includes specific recommendations about how health care providers can help patients manage pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatment of PTH.
Clinical Support ToolPocket-sized reference card that details the algorithmic approach for health care providers to use in assessing and managing PTH following mild TBI.
Training SlidesPresentation that educates health care providers about the intent of and how to use products in the suite (includes knowledge tests and case studies).
Fact Sheet

Double-sided handout for mild TBI patients regarding the basics of headache to include triggers, non-drug treatments and resources. 

Headache Virtual Suite

Electronic Clinical Support ToolThis electronic clinical support tool offers providers a step-by-step, easy-to-follow process to determine the type of headache following mild TBI.
interactive Provider TrainingThe Headache interactive Provider Training (iPT) is an online course presenting guidance to Military Health System (MHS) providers in evaluating and managing PTH.