Neuroendocrine Dysfunction Screening Post Mild TBI Training Slides

These training slides provide an overview of the neuroendocrine dysfunction clinical recommendation and reference card. The slides provide health care providers with information on:

  • Basic pathophysiology of neuroendocrine dysfunction as it relates to mild TBI, including the two primary endocrine glands that are affected during a blast injury
  • Symptoms that differentiate neuroendocrine dysfunction from persistent mild TBI symptoms
  • Laboratory tests used for neuroendocrine dysfunction screening post mild TBI
  • Criteria for endocrinology referral among patients with strong suspicion of neuroendocrine dysfunction

Audience: Military health care providers (i.e., physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners) caring for service members and veterans with mild TBI at military treatment facilities, VA facilities or other civilian health care facilities

Format: Training slides