Neuroimaging Following Mild TBI in the Non-Deployed Setting Reference Card

Neuroimaging following mTBI in the Non-Deployed Setting Clinical Support Tool cover

The Neuroimaging Following Mild TBI in the Non Deployed Setting clinical recommendation and reference card offers guidance for a standard approach for imaging from the acute through chronic stages following mild TBI in the non-deployed setting.

Guidance for neuroimaging following mild TBI in the deployed setting is addressed by the CENTCOM Joint Theater Trauma Systems Clinical Practice Guideline, Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 6490.11 "Department of Defense Policy Guidance for the Management of mTBI/Concussion in the Deployed Setting," VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guideline "Management of Concussion/mTBI, and Concussion Management Algorithms.

Audience: Health care providers (primary care managers, medical specialists, emergency medical personnel)

Format: Reference card