Family Caregiver Curriculum

Module 4: Navigating Services and Benefits

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This material is intended for caregivers of those with a moderate, severe or penetrating TBI.

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This module explains how the disability rating system works. It describes how to get services and benefits that can help you take care of your injured family member.

Important topics:

  • Guide to military benefits and services
  • Pertinent information about the Disability Evaluation Board
  • Services available to both the service member/veteran and their families in regards to:
    • Health Benefits (Chapter 4)
    • Counseling/Behavioral Health (Chapter 5)
    • Education (Chapter 7)
    • Legal (Chapter 10)
    • Travel (Chapter 11)

To see additional interactive educational tools, please visit the Center for Excellence in Medical Multimedia, our multimedia partner for the Family Caregiver Guide. The CEMM, which created, is a dynamic initiative from the Office of the Surgeon General, supplying award-winning interactive multimedia for patient education throughout the Military Health System.

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