Online Courses

DVBIC offers online courses for military and civilian health care providers to examine traumatic brain injury (TBI) topics including definition, pathophysiology, assessment and treatment. 

Management of Headache Interactive Provider Training

The Headache interactive Provider Training (iPT) is an online course presenting guidance to Military Health System (MHS) providers in evaluating and managing post-traumatic headaches (PTH) as defined in DVBIC’s Management of Headache Following Concussion clinical recommendation. It was developed by conducting evidence-based reviews, analyzing the applicability of current clinical practice guidelines (CPGs), and soliciting the input of a multidisciplinary panel of experts. 

Management of Sleep Disturbances Following Concussion/Mild TBI

This interactive training, which is part of the Management of Sleep Disturbances Following Concussion/Mild TBI Clinical Recommendation suite, guides primary care providers in the assessment and management of sleep disturbances following mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) in non-deployed and deployed settings. Continuing education credit is currently unavailable for this course.