Relation of repeated low-level blast exposure with symptomology similar to concussion

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Concussion Literature

Summary: The effect of repeated exposure to low-level explosive blast was assessed in 184 anonymous survey respondents from military and nonmilitary law enforcement populations (135 exposed to occupational blast and 49 controls). The Survey included a self-reported history of occupational exposure to repeated low-level blast (breaching blast) and symptomology similar to concussion. The number and severity of symptoms increased with a history of chronic blast exposure (F = 18.26, P < .001) and symptoms can interfere with daily activity (t = 2.60, P = .010).

Citation:  Carr, W., E. Polejaeva, et al. (2014). "Relation of Repeated Low-Level Blast Exposure With Symptomology Similar to Concussion." J Head Trauma Rehabil.
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